"Anyone who listens to the album will discover a young and sensitive, yet courageous creator who wrote wonderful words, some of which can even be described as "poetry", next to delicate melodies and precise and moving singing"

Full article by Asaf Nevo - "Mako"

"Ben David appears to be a rare artist, with his wonderful voice and tremendous determination he might be one of the few artists who are also recognized in the mainstream and enjoy the  appreciation at the margins"

Full article by Eran Globs - "AndyWasWrong"

"Ben David, who opened the evening, was thrilling, with three particularly sensitive songs that allude to great potential"

Full article by Amos Oren - "Ha'Bama"

"sometimes its a piano and a guitar, sometimes its electronic, it touches the core of our heart" [Isablle Giorifet, Alsace]

"The composition of Ben David is increasing our pulse and heart beats"

Full article by Sonia Schoonejans


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